The Seven Pillars to Success in Business


In “Wealth Can’t Wait” we've carefully cultivated seven pillars to creating, maintaining and growing a successful business. Below is just a hint…

1. Attaining Clients

It’s not just about being a talented expert in your field, you need the know-how to acquire the right clients.

2.  Look for Barriers of Entry

You might make some small pocket change opening up a lemonade stand -- anyone can do that -- but you’re not going to build wealth from it.

3. Magnify your Effectiveness and Power Through Leverage

There are three types of leverage: Systems, People, and Financial. Initiating strategies for each of these will create more avenues to success.

4. Identifying Who is Doing Your Work at a Much Higher Level

Learn from the best. Find people who are in the same field as you that are more successful than you and see what they do that has lead them to a higher level of success.

5. Invest in Your Area of Core Competence

Think big, but think smart. Instead of thinking quality over quantity - think giving quality provides quantity.

6. The 80/20 Rule

This rule has meaning in all forms of life, but to put it simply -- Prioritize your top 20% clients and invest in exponential growth from that database.

7. Invest in Coaches, Mentors and Masterminds

Education and life experience can teach you many things, but coaches, mentors and masterminds can broaden your intelligence and take you to even greater heights.

Stay tuned for more blogs and be sure to expand your horizons on creating success.
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