Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart


Wealth does not come from hard work, it comes from smart work.

Take these examples of two different people moving into a new house, trying to get a box of books upstairs.

Mover 1 puts the books into a box, picks them up, and trudges up the stairs. He’s left with no energy by the time he sets the box down resulting in pain and a slower, less efficient day.

Mover 2 puts the box of books along with a couple other boxes of items and stacks them on a rolling dolly. The boxes are taken upstairs efficiently and pain-free. He can continue moving and finish earlier.

Both movers got  the same result: the box of books was moved upstairs. However, Mover 2 realized that to continue on with the work and get more done in the same amount of time -- a little thinking “outside the box” was needed.

Wealth is built from the intelligent choices you make along the way. They might be tough decisions, but they lead to an easier path that doesn’t require your blood, sweat and tears to get there. This isn’t about trying to be the smartest person, this is about learning and implementing techniques and strategies that result in greater returns at the end of the day.

You can start working smart now by being more present in your day to day activities, no matter how trivial they are. Be conscious of where you could consolidate, where you can more efficiently carry out activities even if it’s running errands or paying the bills.

Once you become conscious of hard work vs smart work: the problems will be glaring back at you and you’ll realize this philosophy can be implemented quite easily once you’ve simply set your mind to it.

The next step is to think about this on a larger scale, how can you work smart to build wealth? Check out “Wealth Can’t Wait” where your eyes will be open to the boundless opportunities and endless possibilities of creating and building wealth.

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