6 Things Wealthy People Have in Common

Becoming wealthy might seem downright impossible when you try to wrap your head around the astonishing heights certain individuals can reach.
People will  inspire you to dream up a number and add a zero, but the wealthiest people in the world decided to add a comma.

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Passive Income vs Active Income

You probably hear fancy phrases like “horizontal income stream” or “passive income” being thrown around by people who seem to be gaining more money as they go, but also seem to work less. They are phrases that, to a normal person, seem unattainable -- unfathomable even.

But let’s take a look at what passive income actually is and you’ll soon be finding ways to stream some of that sweet horizontal income yourself.

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Make the Money Work Instead

$24,000 a year or $24,000 a month are two very different salaries, but you can still build wealth using the same tactics and implementing the same philosophies. We’re here to refresh your memory on the most important rule of building wealth...


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What is Wealth Really?

Wealth means having abundance. Building wealth means rearranging your life to accommodate for abundance. How do you do this? It all starts with you. Not a paycheck, not a better job, not a stroke of luck. You and your mind, first.

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